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Social Technology Park 

Philosophy "HEALTHY WORLD" ® - unity and harmony between man and nature 

Scientific basis - the fundamental laws of nature 

Motto - technology for man, and not technology for technology's sake 

Mission - high quality of life, health and longevity for all 

The purpose of activity - improving the quality of life, health and longevity, 
formation of a new high-quality human capital

Declaration on the Establishment 
"National health industry" 

Today, most people want to be healthy, successful, high quality and long life. Modern public and private life support system in any way can not meet these basic human needs. 
National health industry - social business project of forming a high quality of life, human health and longevity, and building the future socio-information world. 
The initiators of the health industry - the National Institute of Health (Russia, St. Petersburg) and Technopark Social (Social Technology Park of High Technologies Quality of Life and Health). 
National health industry is created in the private initiative, possibly with the support and participation favorably and constructively minded state representatives. 
Wellness industry is created as a self-organized and self-developing the project with their own scientific, technological, educational structures, production and network of health institutions. 
Scientific and methodological basis and health industry - the fundamental laws of nature and scientific-technological and organizational platform "Quality of life and health." 
Philosophy National health industry - "HEALTHY WORLD" ® - unity and harmony between man and nature. "
Our mission - high quality of life, health and longevity for all. 
The purpose of activity - improving the quality of life, health, longevity and the formation of new high-quality human capital. 
The main idea of ​​conservation and health, improve the quality and duration of life is the creation and implementation of each person a personalized program of quality of life, health and longevity, "CODE OF LIFE» ® (Personal Program "CODE OF LIFE» ®). 
Structural units are industry specialists in health offices, mini-centers in the community centers (clubs), quality of life and health, and other health institutions, taking philosophy and methodology of "HEALTHY WORLD" ®. 

A key figure in the National health industry is a specialist in health. 

Author and Project Manager, MD, Professor Gorbenko